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2012 Lacrosse Booster Club Structure

Parents...For the 2012 season the lacrosse booster club will be organized into committees who will be responsible for handling the various tasks and duties that are required to support the lacrosse team. The committee chairs need your support. We encourage you to contact them and join one of more committees and help support our team.

GPBC Liaison - David Wilson (

Fund Raising Committee - The chair is Tammy Hardin and the group is responsible for the fund run, the game day program, sponsorships and donations, gift card sales, fund raising goal tracking, and all complete team fund raising events

Reindeer Run Colleen Hemingway

Apparel Sales Storie Vernon

Bullies Ticket Sales Mindy Gooden

Chip in for Charity Nancy Hutton

Team Operations Committee - The chair is Brian Lee and the group is responsible for home and away team meals, team transportation, team hydration, sideline equipment needs, and parent driver coordination

Game Day Operations Committee - The chair is Tim Voelz ( and the group is responsible for home game/stadium preparations including ticket booth coverage, field preparation and game time coverage, game photography, game films, and announcer booth/score board operations

Ticket Window set up Gilchrist family and Gooden family

Concessions Operations Committee: Purchasing Doreen Campenaria. Stand set up and management Tait family and Goudy Family.

Pre-Season/Post-Season Equipment and Gear Committee - The chair is Bob Morro ( and the group is responsible for issuing and and collecting equipment and uniforms, maintaining equipment inventory, maintaining field supply inventory including goals, nets, and lacrosse balls.

Special Events Committee - The chair is Erin Meehan and the group is reposnsilbe for coordinating the varsity overnight trip, senior appreciation night, varsity Wednesdays, player awards, and the banquet